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Winter/Spring schedule is up!

We will be closed Thanksgiving week: November 25 - 29.

Then again for winter break: December 22 - January 5

Session 1 begins the week of January 6th

Join us!

Thank you all for helping us raise money for the Dakin Humane Society with our second annual student pottery sale. We raised over $2000 this year! Thanks to all of you, helping our animal friends!

**Northampton Pottery is seeking an intern**

Are you the perfect candidate?


The perfect intern would be self motivated and able to set their own hours, have a working knowledge of clay and its idiosyncrasies and processes and have an understanding of “leatherhard".

In exchange for 4 or so hours per week of  studio help, the perfect intern can have full use of the studio for their own work (except during class time) use of clay, tools, glazes, equipment, kiln space etc. plus feedback and guidance in their creative pursuits (If desired). The perfect intern would be responsible for the care and drying of their own pieces.

Responsibilities would include flipping and stowing the student work (on particular days), and (as needed) loading and unloading kilns, pugging clay and tidying up. Help from 2-4 on Saturday afternoon, cleaning up after open studio, is strongly desired.

Are you the perfect intern? Do you know someone who is? Then shoot me an email and tell me about it! Please cite “internship” in the subject line.


Kris O'Neill, Potter in Residence

About Kris


 While art and craft has always played a large part in my life, my interest in ceramics didn’t develop until late in high school. That was when I first had access to a studio and was able to spend blissful hours after classes, absorbed in clay and insipid 80’s rock, until the janitors had to kick me out at five so they could lock up.

I went on to study ceramics at the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating with a BFA in 1990.

Settling in Western Massachusetts soon after that, I found employment at a small clay supplier and began developing my own line of ceramics, officially starting  Zyra Clay Studio in 2002.

The work has changed a bit since then, becoming brighter and more consistent as I experimented with glazes and refined my throwing style.

The next chapter of my story is to share what I know with other aspiring potters in hopes they will find the same joy in clay and glazes that I do.

Northampton Pottery


 My goal at Northampton Pottery is not only to encourage a rewarding  experience  in clay for people of all ages and abilities, but to cultivate an atmosphere of  relaxation and creativity. I actively work to make Northampton Pottery a place where people can come to decompress and spend a little time in Lala Land with other friendly people doing the same thing.

Classes at Northampton Pottery


I offer classes for adults and for teens (10 years and older).

The teen classes are largely self directed with me there to instruct, suggest, facilitate and encourage. Many of my kids also make use of the handbuilding facilities at NohoPo.

The adult classes are a bit more structured, at least for the people new to pottery.   If that's you, be advised that the first 3 classes are the most important to attend, I start (after the tour and overview) with throwing bowls; a form most likely to meet with success. The ambition is to be getting a feel for the process and to produce 3 or 4 bowls on which to learn the next step. 

The second class covers trimming (the finishing of the bottoms of the bowls), and a more vertical form; generally mugs. 

Class 3 is quite busy. We'll trim those mugs, learn about attaching handles and also go through the glaze process on the bowls from 

class 1.

After that, we'll go wherever you please; plates, vases, minis off the hump, lidded forms, all is possible. It's up to you- as I tell my students, it's 10 % instruction, 90% practice!

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The Northampton Pottery
102 Main Street
Northampton, MA 01060




102 Main Street, Northampton, Massachusetts 01060, United State

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